Receiving materials physically.

Shelving materials according to specified location management system.

Processing receiving documentation and associated purchase orders.

Recording materials as received into computer based materials inventory tracking system.

Maintain inventory integrity.

Cycle counting.

Issue materials from inventory for production.

Position will require movement of materials – sheet metal, crates, finished goods etc.

Prospective applicants will be tested prior to assignment to validate their ability to safely drive and operate a Forklift. This includes courtesies associated – such as operation warning signaling and rate of travel etc.

Operation of the forklift includes:

 *   Lifting pallets from floor level as well as occasionally reaching for pallets stacked over 6 feet.
 *   Transporting pallets/materials from receiving to assigned holding areas.
 *   Transporting pallets/materials from assigned holding areas to proper staging areas for use in production.
 *   Transporting materials in process from one staging area to the next and/or to the shipping docks.
 *   Assist in shearing of sheet metal after proper training.

The successful candidate will have a valid driver’s license and will need to successfully complete a drug screen and present a negative COVID 19 test upon hire.

Our company is an equal opportunity employer.