Position Requirements:

Set up and operations of power-brake machines to bend, form, stretch, notch, punch, or straighten metal and structural shapes, as specified by work order, blueprints, drawing, templates, or layout.

Candidates must be proficient:

Setting stops on machine bed, die changes, and adjusting components when making multiple or successive passes.

Installing, aligning, and securing gears holding fixtures, dies to machine bed, using gauges, templates, feelers, shims, and hand tools.

Measuring work piece – verifying dimensions and weight, using micrometer, template, straightedge, and scale. Calipers

Grinding out burrs – sharp edges, using portable grinder, speed lathe.

Inspecting work pieces for defects.

Job Requirements:
* A high school diploma or GED equivalent
* One to three years of verifiable experience
* Basic Computer (PC) skills in a Windows environment
* Physically able to lift 50 lbs independently
* Must be able to read and interpret engineering prints and dimensions including metric measurements
* Must possess a valid and up-to-date forklift operator license or be able to obtain one

* Able to work day shift or weekend shift

The successful candidate will have a valid driver’s license and will need to successfully complete a drug test and a background check.

Our company is an equal opportunity employer.